AI-Powered Ads

The NEW Anti-Block Ad Format that reduces the cost of your Campaigns and sells MUCH more!

From $197 to only $9

Dramatically reduce the cost of your campaigns

There is a still largely unexplored opportunity to create AI-powered ads…

…that dramatically reduce the cost of your campaigns and significantly increase your sales.

Whoever masters this process will profit greatly.

I confess I was amazed at how easy it is to create AI-powered ads to sell digital products, services, and mentoring…

And the best part is, these formats are MUCH quicker to make and do not get BLOCKED.

The anti-block ad format that sells much more

I literally took campaigns that were “dying” and, with this new approach, they came back selling at full strength.

In fact, they returned even more profitable.

The logic is very simple:

Ads that grab more attention;

Lower cost per click;

Precise and efficient targeting.

Can you imagine creating 5, 10, 30 creatives in just a few minutes?

That’s one of the secrets to having ROI and PROFITS!

Testing multiple angles and different formats for the same product.

Fortunately, you can also seize this opportunity before everyone else starts doing the same.

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What you will learn

You will become a true master at creating attention-grabbing ads that SELL much more.

These are practical, to-the-point classes, so that you can finish the course in 1 or 2 days and apply it immediately. You will see:

At the end of the course, you will know how to:

Goal 01: How to generate 5, 10, 30 high-conversion ads in just a few minutes

Goal 02: How to use human emotions to grab attention and convert MUCH more

Goal 03: How to become a Master in the art of creating High-Conversion ads

OLD Method ❌

NEW Format ✅

Students who have already sold more than R$100,000.00 online

Those who apply see results... Will you be next?

It's not over! We did something even better


Bonus 1

Magical Mockups in Canva

I will provide you with professional mockups in Canva so you can increase the desire and credibility of your Digital Product.

From $197.00 it's going to be free!

Bonus 2

Automatic Ad Creator in ChatGPT

You just need to tell your niche and it will create all the ads for you using the same method from the course (works with the free version) 🔥

From $197.00 it's going to be free!

Bonus 3

How to Test Your Ads on Facebook Ads

I will open my ad manager and show you the campaign structure I use to test all the creatives with ROI and PROFIT.

From $197.00 it's going to be free!


AI-Powered Ads

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In summary...

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The proposal is simple and clear: You will learn how to create AI-Powered Ads to reduce the cost of your campaigns and increase your profit.

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And today, besides selling my own training programs, I help other businesses create a predictable and profitable sales system.

There are already dozens of mentees who have surpassed R$100,000.00 in online sales, and now, the next successful business could be yours.

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